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Passwords for linguascope are available from your teacher!

  •  link to linguascope site
  • link to linguaprime site
  • link to linguastars site
  • link to linguascope site site is accesssible for all learners.
  • link to linguaprime site site is for younger, while the link to linguastars site site is for intermediate learners.
  • Choose your language from the table of contents, and away you go!
  • Roll over the French (or Spanish) button and click to play. Well worth a look!
  • Free after 4pm
  • Games and activities for French revision. Once on the site, choose your level from top left of page.
  • Very rich resources, with lots of listening practice!
  • A really good French site for French learners of French. Excellent!
  • A lot of very good reading practice! Click on GCSE Revision at the top of the page you reach, then topic-based revision for GCSE students. The page is entitled 'Year 11 revision topics'. Choose a topic, then stick to the links for 'GCSE questions'!
  • < French < German: TOPIC based Resources. When you click on a topic, e.g. 'food' you come to a page with a table of resources. The column with 'KS' at the top tells you the level. KS 3 is for 1st to 3rd year; KS 4 is for fourth year and above. Click in the left-hand column to download!
  • BBC Bitesize - choose your language!


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