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Standard Grade German


At Craigmount, for Standard Grade, we cover all of the prescribed Standard Grade topics. Again the course is specifically tailored to Craigmount students, using our own materials. In Standard Grade we use a series of booklets called 'Unterwegs' for Credit/General levels and 'Los Geht's' for General/Foundation levels.

'Unterwegs 1' - Meine Stadt und die Umgebung. Talking about home, the local area and the City of Edinburgh.

'Unterwegs 2' - Was habe ich verloren? Lost property. Learning to understand and to give descriptions in German. Covers also personal descriptions. Students learn to talk and write about the past in German. Writing skills generally are developed.

'Unterwegs 3' - Auf Urlaub. Covers travel, other countries and holidays. This booklet consolidates the skills needed to talk and write about the past.


The Los Geht's booklets mirror the areas covered by the Unterwegs booklets. These booklets are designed for students who work at a more gradual pace.

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