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Course Name:  French/German/Spanish
Course Level:  Languages for Life and work

The main purpose of this award is to study one or two modern languages in practical and relevant contexts for life and work and identify, develop and demonstrate employability skills.
The award enables learners to:
Develop talking and listening skills in one or two modern languages in the contexts of life and work (plus reading skills at Level 4).
Develop knowledge of one or two languages in the contexts of life and work.
Develop employability skills.

Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge of any of the languages is essential. Where learners do have some competency in one of the languages, the possibility would exist to extend their qualification to National 4 or 5 Level. 
An interest in language and culture and enhancing skills for life and work.                                    


Candidates will use research skills to find out about employment opportunities and prepare short role plays set in a relevant context.  Homework which prepares students for National 5 will be issued if this is appropriate to the candidate.


Possibility of National 5 or crash Higher in S6.

Useful Websites:
We recommend the following websites in particular: (username and password provided by the department) (username and password provided by the department)                


The internal assessments allow for development of the four major skills required for language learning – reading, talking, listening and writing.  Students can achieve individual unit awards or an award for the complete course following completion of all units.
There is no external examination for this award.

Unit 1 – Building Own Employability Skills
This unit will focus upon finding out about job opportunities and employers, finding out about skills needed in order to gain employment, combining these skills with language skills from one or both language units.

Unit 2 – Modern Languages for Work Purposes
In this unit, learners will have the opportunity to develop talking and listening skills needed to communicate in any vocational context using the language studied and will encourage learners to reflect on the skills required for employability.

Unit 3 – Modern Languages for Life
This unit provides an opportunity to explore the culture and everyday life in countries where the modern language is used by taking part in simple conversations and showing understanding of spoken language.

At SCQF Level 4, learners also develop reading skills required for vocational, cultural and everyday life.