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Course name :  French
Course level:  National 5
The Course offers learners the opportunity to develop detailed language skills in the meaningful real-life contexts of society, learning, employability, and culture.
The course provides learners with the opportunity to:

  • develop skills in reading, listening, talking and writing, which are essential for learning, work and life
  • develop an understanding of how language works
  • use different media effectively for learning and communication
  • use language to communicate ideas and information.
  • use creative and critical thinking to formulate ideas and arguments
  • enhance their enjoyment and understanding of their own and other cultures


Entry requirements:

It would be beneficial for the learner to have the skills and knowledge required by relevant experiences and outcomes from the broad, general education.


Homework is an essential part of teaching and learning and helps to establish a routine of high expectations and achievement. In Modern Languages, homework is issued on a weekly basis. Its purpose is to promote the learning of the relevant material and to consolidate previous learning. Homework will challenge all pupils and provide them with opportunities for personal achievement. The amount of homework set and the level of the task will be in line with the level of the pupil’s ability. The bulk of homework issued in Modern Languages in S4 will take the form of learning vocabulary or preparing for specific Speaking and Writing tasks. Activities involving reading in the foreign language will also be issued. In addition, we encourage pupils to use the Internet to enrich their learning and develop their skills.


National 5 by end of S4 would enable the learner to enter Higher in S5 and Advanced Higher in S6.
National 4 or 5 Modern Languages in another modern language

Useful websites:

We recommend the following websites in particular: (username and password provided by the department) (username and password provided by the department)                                


The Course Assessment has 4 components:
1 — performance: talking 30 marks (25%)
2 – Assignment: 20 marks (12.5%)
2 — question paper: reading and writing 50 marks (25% reading & 12.5% writing)
3 — question paper: listening 20 marks (25%)
Total marks 120 marks
The performance in talking will be assessed and graded internally, and subject to SQA verification.
The assignment will be undertaken in class and sent to the SQA for marking.
The reading, writing and listening papers will be assessed and graded externally.